torsdag, januari 29, 2009

the guyliner

alla killar som någonsin har gjort sig lustiga över en snubbe med kajal runt ögonen bör hålla käften. killen i videon ovan är ett bra exempel på varför. han är makeupartist och demonstrerade nån slags "scruffy, dirty look" och ja, kolla bara på alla kommentarerna han har fått. kvinnorna faller som furor:
"I want you. Please give yourself to me."

"WOW if only more guys would realize that this is trrrrruly HOT."

"A little dirty? Guess it's a good thing I like it that way. I think you are one of the most gorgeous men i have ever seen...!"

"Oh god . . Im not gonna put my first reaction down cause youtube would throw me off for violation & all that crap but GOD, your effing sexy lol"

"God, I'm sure you have no idea of the effect you have on people, but you can make a person literally melt with those little expressions, the gorgeous eyes, and that little wink that makes me melt. Ok, so I have embarrassed myself now....You are fantastic, my dear:) Keep up the makeup tips, I'm learning so many new things."
haha. ja. vad ska man säga. slutsatsen är ju att man ska sminka sig mer om man vill ligga.
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