söndag, juni 29, 2008


carmex, ett annat bra exempel på att man kan vara snäll även om man ser lite otäck ut.

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esp. sa...

My goodness, they sell Carmex in Sweden? That's crazy; globalisation is a remarkable thing. But hey, it's a good product, so the rest of the world ought to be able to enjoy it.

Annahita sa...

haha. well, you know, sweden isn't as far away as you americans maybe want to believe. on the contrary, we're extremely americanized - as you would notice if you visited and discovered that ridiculously many shop signs and other stuff were in english.

carmex is really expensive here though. i think they're trying to make it into something more exclusive than what it really is; some random drugstore product you get at the counter, right next to the cash register, cause you have some coins left.